Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Vanventuring Christmas By Sarah and Zach

As I sit to share our past few weeks,
Only rhymes come forth as I speak!
It must be this time of year, 
A time I hold so dear...
Hopefully, I won't sound too much like a geek:)

Hueco Tanks State Park got us started.
We climbed until our skin had departed.
Being tired and sore,
Kept going back for more,
Climbing is not for the fainthearted! 
On a rest day, its fun to play;)

Meeting friends on the road makes us glad.
Lauren, Alex, and Oliver are so rad!
We took on  Lobster Claw (V5)
And Skimmer (V3), such awe
Then large margaritas and tacos, we had:)

Meeting them once was just not enough,
We found them again near  a New Mexico bluff
Called Box Canyon you see
It was perfect to be
With our friends again doing our stuff. 

After three days of climbing in the desert,
We were ready to rest and not exert.
To the Very Large Array
We went and spent the day
Seeing radio waves the scientists can convert.

The antennae  making up the telescope
Are 94 feet tall and look pretty dope:)
They receive waves from space
And we can see a far away place
Where aliens might be; hey I can hope!

We came down south like birds of a feather,
But cold has been the more common weather.
With our warm sleeping bags
And sun at the climbing craggs,
We have made the best of our time together

Now we are getting ready to celebrate
This holiday season will resonate
The love that we feel
For our loved ones with zeal
We even made snowflakes to decorate!
Vanventure with decore:)

Our pretty little snowflakes ready to be strung up to decorate.

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