Monday, September 8, 2014

Red Mountain Pass conquered!!

We made it from Ridgeway to Silverton!!! It was a tough ride up but luckily shorter mileage. We had a fun morning in Ridgeway before setting out on a fairly flat 10 mile ride to Ouray. After refueling on bagels, scones and coffee, we started our 13 mile climb to the top of Red Mountain Pass. It took awhile and was hard to tell whether or not it was going to rain, but we marched further up the pass. Creeping over the top was awesome as we realized we had made it to the top!!! We celebrated at the top with everybody in the group before heading down. 

It did hail/heavy rain on us the last 5 miles but we were going downhill so we moved through it quickly! The hail did sting quite a bit on the old nose but we made it through. We shivered into town and grabbed some snacks before settling into the motel rooms. Zach and I were both pretty wet and made a deal with the motel manager to sleep on the floors with Jill and Vicki. $5 a piece seemed like a preferable option to getting soaked in the campground! 

We are warming up and getting ready to go eat a giant dinner!!! 

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